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Ed Catmull on Creativity

Episode 1 – Ed Catmull

What is creativity? Of course there is no simple answer to that question. We do know with an ever-increasing accuracy how the creative process comes alive. Here I will share some of the best podcast-episodes I’ve come across on the subject.

#PodOfTheDay – #Blogg100

As part of the #Blogg100 challenge here in Sweden I will recommend a podcasts on creativity. I have already been doing so on twitter for 2 weeks under the hashtag #PodOfTheDay. I will also write on my main blog: Lord Sillion – Holistic Thinking Ninja. There I will write longer posts each day and publish as soon as every piece is ready. I will also continue doing my podcast on Audioboom in both Swedish and English. As an extra bonus I will continue write on my old blog as well Lord Sillion’s Journey. There it will be shorter or longer thoughts that sometimes later turns up on my main blog more developed.

If you want to know more about me you can read about me and my father there in Swedish: Minnet av min Far or Listen to @MikuMaria ‘s podcast conversation with me on: Gott Prat – Michael Sillion (also in Swedish). Also check out my latest stalks and blog about me from Webcast and Pecha Kucha here in Swedish: Min Stil – Vem är Lord Sillion? (Please challenge me to do one in English)

Good Life Project
Pixar Founder, Ed Catmull on Creativity, Culture and Steve Jobs

This time I want you to listen to this very interesting conversation between Jonathan Fields and Ed Catmull. Check it out:

Some points:
When the Creative Director of project has full Creative Freedom and can’t be overridden it frees him up to listen to what other people has to say and then those people fell encourage to share more.

What is the ratio between 0 and 40 crazy ideas? 0/40 is bad as is 40/40. Appart from that there is no straight answer. Always keep looking for the balance. Don’t ever find it.

Once you think you ave found the pattern, all creativity dies. Stay on your toes and keep searching for a pattern.

Pixar Founder, Ed Catmull on Creativity, Culture and Steve Jobs

Pixar Founder, Ed Catmull on Creativity, Culture and Steve Jobs

Lord Sillion
Holistic Thinking Ninja

This is episode 1 in my series #PodOfTheDay and part of the #Blogg100 challenge

Join the Challenge you too.

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