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Steven Kotler – Become the Exponential Entrepreneur

Today I have been listening to very special episode Six Pixel of Separation with Steven Kotler and Mitch Joel. I also made a Pod in Swedish about #blogg100, Ghost in the Shell, WebCoast and The Matrix.

Give it a listen on the Six Pixel Of Separtion podcast – Steven Kotler And The Time To Be Bold

SPOS #450 – Steven Kotler And The Time To Be Bold

He is the Co-Author of Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think and  Bold – How To Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact The World with Peter H. Diamandis

Steven Kotler And The Time To Be Bold

Steven Kotler And The Time To Be Bold

Meaning, Flow and Curiosity

Being passionate about something comes first after you get Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. Practice getting into Flow. Start with doing something Creative or Athletic.

Make a List

Make a really specific list of 25-50 things you are curious about. Don’t just chose Robots but choose 4 Legged Walking Robots for example. Find 4-5 of them that intersect and play there for a while. It is vitally important that you find something that gets you into flow or that you with the right practice can trigger flow doing. All successful entrepreneurs and people go into flow doing their best art. Internet made subcultures visible. Suddenly you could find any type of expertise or interest in any corner of the world.

Learn how to think at scale

The Size of the goal is the only difference. It doesn’t matter if you are going to start a dry-cleaning or take on world hunger with the tools that are now available. If you spend the same amount of time and energy they are both as likely to succeed for the amount spent. Now you can think at scale. You just have to train you brain how to do it. For millions of years our brains have evolved to see small, linear and local events. So this is the big challenge.

Everyone has a handful of unique talents with that they could change the world — Steven Kotler

Become the Exponential Entrepreneur

If you want to make a million dollars help a million people. We all have our second cyborg brain in our pocket. We all have to tap into the Robot Revolution. Some think that it’s not all dystopian. Check out this analysis of the now 20-year-old Ghost In The Shell movie. The view on AI, Robots and Cyberization is still very dystopian in western culture with movies like Terminator and The Matrix. It’s usually far birther in eastern movies like GitS.

Ghost in The Shell analisys

Ghost in The Shell analysis

Now we have the Baxter Robot for $22 000 that are safe for anyone to use without a safety cage. Just think of the opportunities for anyone who can think in scale and envision the future.

So how do we transit into Star Trek?

Lord Sillion
Holistic Thinking ninja

This is episode 2 in my series #PodOfTheDay and part of the #Blogg100 challenge

Bold The Book with Steven Kotler and Petet Diamandis

Bold The Book with Steven Kotler and Petet Diamandis


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