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Power To Create – Matthew Taylor

Pod of the Day Episode 4 – Matthew Taylor

Today have been much about a creative future. I have been visiting the double fair of IT-Solutions Expo and HR Summit in Gothenburg. There I have been listening to and hanging out with lots of creative people like Daniel Erkstam, Frida Biosen, Elaine Eksvärd, Darja Isaksson and Karl-Magnus Möller. I honor girls in the blog: The Power Girls. In their spirit I give you a pod by Matthew Taylor from last summer about the new creative society that the internet has enabled. What Seth Godin calls the connection economy. This contains so much inspiration and hope for all of us.

The Power To Create

Every Citizen should live a Creative Life!

Every Citizen should live a Creative Life!

There isn’t much I can say. This so important that you have to listen for yourself. Find it on iTunes on July 8th 2014 or download it as mp3 here. Or watch it here on YouTube. I do recommend you listen or watch the whole 1 hour show. It’s so important that every human being understands the message. If you just want the teaser for now, the RSA has created an excellent animated RSA Short for you too.



Do follow and add to the discussion on Twitter using the Hashtag: #PowerToCreate. We will continue to build a better world together by spreading our ideas and thoughts on how to do so. The world is far from done and only together can we tackle the upcoming problems and challenges we all face today and tomorrow.

This is what we call the Power to Create -- Matthew Taylor

This is what we call the Power to Create
— Matthew Taylor

Lord Sillion
Holistic Thinking Ninja

This is episode 4/100 in the #Blogg100 Challenge


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