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Brad Burton – Get of your Arse

Be yourself 24/7 – Practice being you.

Every Day you have to prove yourself 🙂

Money and success doesn’t change you – It exposes you

Be the best you – Brad Burton

He is called the Tony Robinson of the North. Brad Burton is the genuine thing living like he preaches. With a goal to become the no. 1 motivational speaker in the UK he dug in and achieved it. He is far from perfect and likes to play games just like me. So there something about him I like. GO check him out on one of my favourite podcasts London Real: Brad Burton – Get Off Your Arse Too. Or find it on iTunes here.

Brad Burton - Get Off Your Arse Too

Brad Burton – Get Off Your Arse Too

Be Awesome!

So what did I take away? I list it below. Does it overlap with what you think is important? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Be the best you
There are at least 30 parts of you that make up you. You have a choice in what parts you promote in this tag team of you.

You can’t save everyone
Focus your time and energy on the ones you can reach.

Ignore the Haters

To sell more, sell less. No likes to be networked to.
Don’t be that guy or gal who pushes yourself on everyone. Focus on being yourself and just chat and build people up.

Have Friends in every town. Your own personal Matrix with people all around you.

Lord Sillion
Your Future Captain


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