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Nick Onken – Create Your Reality

Nick Onken
The Art of Charm – Turning Passion Into Profit

Everybody is talking about following your passion these days. First of what is passion? It’s coming from things that is both fun and engaging. Yes passion is something you find or teach yourself on your journey.

Meet the photographer Nick Oaken who has grinded his way into working as Justin Bieber’s photographer. If you find a sweet-spot of evolving your craft with passion and skill go down that road. Never stand still. Stay current and fresh with the world around you. Evolve and work on new projects. Check him out on The Art Of Charm Podcast.

Nick Onken | Turning Passion Into Profit (Episode 384)

Nick Onken | Turning Passion Into Profit (Episode 384)

Create What You Want In Life

Have patience
Quitters don’t succeed

You are who you hang out with. Find interesting people and start giving value to them so that they want to hang out with you.

Give back to the community. The more energy and value you give the more you are gonna get back.

You are the creator of your reality. Create your life and create what you want in life. Only you have the power and interest to do that for you. Go all in on yourself!

Nick created this hashtag on Twitter:

Lord Sillion
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