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Annika Linde – The Swedish Startup Scene

Startuppodden – SUP46-special 2 – Annika Linde 

Today we have an episode in Swedish with the podcast Startuppodden who talks with Annika Linde about the Swedish Startup scene. This is part of 10 special episodes all about the Swedish startup collective SUP-46. Give her a listen if you know Swedish.

Annika Lidne - Startup Podden

Annika Linde – Startup Podden

Annika – Just do it!

Only 0.2% of the Swedish National Venture Capital goes to startups. (investeringar – sådd bolag)

In Finland the state match up 50% of the venture capital och private investors.

We have a too big tradition in Sweden to only invest in big companies

Just do it!
You learn a lot of stuff by just doing

You don’t need a unique idea
Trailblazing a whole new field is really hard
Just take an existing idea and twist it a little. Combine it with other ideas
Look what happens in other countries and adopt it to local model.

An overnight susses is always between 3 to 15 years of hard work and experience

Become an expert.
Like Seth Godin says become the best in the the world

Everything takes double the estimated time. No matter what.

Networking and connections is essential.
If someone is about to invest in you they always takes references. I no-one knows who you are and what you are good at no-one will invest in you.

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I’m Captain Future


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