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Chris Taylor – What Is The RIO On Curiosity?

Pod Of The Day episode 14 – Chris Taylor
[Deliberate Choice: Going Beyond the Picket Fence] 

Curiosity is the most important thing we have going into the future. How can we inspire and train the ability to be curious about everything? for all from children to adults. I believe the more curious we get the better world we will build together. Curiosity about science, relationships, technology, exploration and all life on planet earth will take us far. Think about an entire planet of people pushing all borders and stepping into the unknown with an open mind. There are 2 levels on this journey. First we have the personal journey of everyone. Discovering things for the first time. People Tinkering and experimenting with things unknown to them. Then we have the thinkers and dreamers talking us on journey both fictional and  nonfictional. Both are equally important and they work even better when teaming up making 1 + 1 = 3.

Fail Fast [Or Experiment FTW]

Failing fast and often have become quite popular in modern media. And with guys like Eddie Obeng. For ever success produced there are a long road of failures behind it. Overnight successes are often popularised in modern media. But they are never so. There is always hard, long work behind every success. Me myself are more and more inclined to go with Tai Lopez and call every thing experiments instead. Even if we have made failing ok now with the many voices talking about I think calling things experiment give a much more playful and creative ring to it. Something you would want to do instead of avoiding. Of course every succesful entrepreneur has done ton of mistakes and filers on their way but they seldom talk about them. This is because even we know that they exist we humans always pretend that successes is the only things that matters. I think we can get around this flaw in the human mind to start experimenting a lot more.

Start an experiment today. Even if it’s just 5 minutes to bed time. Do a quick experiment. Try something, break something or write something today.

So do give Chris Taylor a listen on his take on curiosity.

Chris Taylor - The Art Of Charm

Chris Taylor — Deliberate Choice: Going Beyond the Picket Fence (Episode 385)  

What Is The RIO On Curiosity?

Here is my takeaway from Chris Taylor:
Take things apart just to see how they tick. Break things. Some things sole purpose is for you to break them. To improve upon them. To make them different or better … or just plain broken for the fun of it.

Try more things. Experiment.

What is ROI (Return On Investment) with curiosity? What do you think?

Have a squiggly career.

Sure it’s great to double down on your best passions and skills.
But also double down on your brain with curiosity and by experiments every week. Tyr new things or old things in a different way. Invite a friend on an experiment feast.

You must have the best job in the world if you don’t want to take a day of?

Try breaking stuff that works fine
If It works great. Let’s ruin it for a few days to extraordinary costs and see if it works any better. Oh cool it didn’t but let’s try something else later.
— Jordan Harbringer

Be disruptive
Test your ambitions before committing a whole life to them.

Witch sounds more true to you?

I don’t have time to read
I don’t make time to read

The quickest way to make a million dollars is podcasting
or not… 🙂

Just help a million people. Start with a few and go from there.

Most of the people I’m talking to are not perceptible to the Jedi Mind-trick

Go for the Win-Win-Win

I’m gonna get what I want, they are gonna get what they want and they are gonna get something that they don’t know they want yet.

Look for the opportunity to delight

Lord Sillion
Holistic Thinking Ninja

This is episode 14 my series #PodOfTheDay


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