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Hard With Style – Get Into Trance – Light Up World

Pod Of The Day episode 15
HARD with STYLE episode 43 presented by Wasted Penguinz

Not all podcast are words. Those of you who know me, knows that love to dance in a very energetic way. I like to this in to variety of awesome music. my favourites go from SynthFuture PopGoth RockRockPopAgro Tech – Uplifting TranceHouse – and last but also the wildest is of course modern Hardstyle. So one of my favourite podcast is the one started by Dj Headhunterz in 2011. It’s called HARD with STYLE.

Communicate with the Future – Hard with Style

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Getting Into Trance [Hard With Style]

Have you ever dance yourself into the state of trance? This happens when when you trigger what Jonathan Haidt calls the Hive-Switch. I have done so many times. It’s easier when you do this in the company of others but can sometimes be done to the right music alone as well 🙂

For you who hasn’t experienced it here is what it feels like to me: It’s like the a feeling you get when you get goosebumps. This starts on top of the head and spreads like a waterfall down your back and arms. Suddenly you feel ecstatic and most of the fatigue goes away. As this is usually a feeling I get when nearing my max puls with intense dancing and jumping around.

Of course this most easily triggered to intense dance music with great uplifting melodies like modern House and Hardstyle trance.

I’m not alone in this feeling of love and you to EDM [Electronic Dance Music]. Festivals have bloomed up all over the world over the latest 5 years. Manny of them in the Benelux region. Like this Tomorrowland, Q-BASE, and Defcon.1 and of course the Swedish legendary cruises like Monday Bar Black & White Cruise. Click on each to see a their cool after-movies.

Light It Up [Why Is This Important?]

So yesterday I also attended Gothenburg Light Parade.  It’s a parade to celebrate spring equinox and the return of the light. It also happens to be during Earth Hour. The hour we turn of or lights so the we humans can glow instead.  And what better way to do it than dress ourself in portable glowing lights. We gathered in a park in Gothenburg stated at the party thanks Tim Germalm’s Party Machine. Then we dance together through the not so dark streets of Gothenburg.

Gothenburg Light Parade

Gothenburg Light Parade

This is all part of new participatory culture where we get together and create stuff on whole new level. With events like this and Burning Man we are all triggering the same Hive-Switch in our mind. The Switch that makes us feel unconditional love towards each others.

Let’s meet up this summer and go into trance and light up the world together  🙂

What is your favourite dance-music podcast?

Dance Demon

This is episode 15/100 in my series #PodOfTheDay and part of the #Blogg100 challenge

Hard With Style - It's what we do :)

Hard With Style – It’s what we do 🙂


One comment on “Hard With Style – Get Into Trance – Light Up World

  1. Araz
    March 31, 2015

    Q: What is your favourite dance-music podcast?
    A: I’m really liking Sean Tyas’ Degenerate podcast.

    Take care,



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