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The Bard – Alexander The Great … Silly

Pod Of The Century episode XVI
Alexander Bard 101 – Värvet

The Bard - Alexander the Great!

The Bard – Alexander the Great!

We Need More Silliness

So this is an older episode that listened to today on April the First 2015. It’s all in Swedish so you just have to take my word for that it’s fitting today. I’ll sum it up for you. Alexander Bard is Swedish Internet Philosopher that has done many things Silly and not. Ironically he is mostly known to the public for the silly things he has done. That is Ok today, on the most silly of days, on this year. We need more silliness. By not taking ourself and others to seriously we can avoid much of the stupid conflicts and tragedies we humans has afflicted the Planet Earth and each other.

We need to take care of this planet and each other.

We need to acknowledge that as humans being we can’t not believe in things. All of us at least believes that we our self “Exist”. So weather we believe in some of the religions of the olden world or a new one like the Synteism that Alexander calls the belief in the internet. It ‘s still only in our heads. They are all Metaphysics. We have to choose one. And it can never be true no matter how hard we try to be über secular. We will always believe in fairytales. It’s what our human brains are designed to do. To the conscious brain all tings are stories.

If we take all our dreams and align them so the the sum of them points to a single spot. Then we will have the most accurate description of our current God.

God is the sum of all our dreams

Read More [Think more]

Alexander wants us to read more. And think more.

Read more
Read more philosophy
Read more philosophy by women

There Are so much more to this conversation that I will return to in the future. Do give him a listen here if you know Swedish: Alexander Bard Värvet 101. If not, do find his book on Syntheism.

He also talks about the importance of getting 1 or several mentors throughout life like Tai Lopez also does.

I want a Mentor! 🙂

Participatory Culture

Bard talks about a lot about Participatory Culture. With likes of Burning Man and other emerging cultural fenomens. Some of us are staring to do stuff together on a whole new level that is very inspiring to us and very frightening to to the old paradigm of power. We have only seen the beginning of this and the internet. Traditional work will go away as more and more of our physical and intellectual labor will be done by robots and AI. So it’s only a question of time before we will have new system of distributing resources like Universal Basic Income.

I for one welcome our new robot overlords

Me personal is very exited about this new creative sustainable future and I will do all I can to make it a better one. See you in Cyberspace.

Future Philosopher

This is episode 16 in my series #PodOfTheDay and part of the #Blogg100 challenge


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