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Stephen Rapoport – What Do You Bleed?

Pod Of The Day episode 17 – Stephen Rapoport
Founder of Pact Coffee at Silicon Real

If I cut you, what do you bleed? In Brian Rose’s case, the host of London Real and Silcon Real, he bleeds actual London Real. So What do you bleed? Have you found your blood calling? Something that you care so deeply about the it doesn’t feel like work. That gets you into flow just by sniffing it.

And if you like any form of Coffee, you will find Pact Coffee’s promise to deliver The Best Coffee on The Planet promising too. So do give Stephen Rapoport a listen on Silicon Real or find it on iTunes.

Stephen Rapoport -

Stephen Rapoport –

What is you blood type? [Your Blood Calling]

So here is some of my key takeaways:

What is your passion and skill that make you the best in the world on this? And then we are talking literally the best. The world being defined as your market. It can be a the whole global world or your part of you local city or anything in between depending what your offer or art is.

You need to be passionately and emotionally bought into the problem you are solving in order to execute better than everyone else. Then you have the ability to get into maximum flow that Steven Kotler is talking about. Be the best in you world like Seth Godin says.

And if you don’t execute better than everyone else why launch a business in the first place?

Pact Coffee and the Startup Scene

Customers hates subscriptions. Don’t sell subscriptions. Instead sell the service of always having the right amount of coffee at home. We don’t want you to ever run out of coffee. We use a panic button and a stop email link to help us fine tune the coffee flow.

We use 17 data points to make this best cop of coffee you ever had

You can build a global business outside the US.
It’s just about the passion and the execution. And the right connections.

It’s hard to win a fight fighting with only your brains against someone fighting with both their hearts and their brains.

Make Peoples Lives More Frictionless

The challenge is to make every process and customer interaction to be as frictionless as possible.

Coffee is the second largest industry on earth after oil
Is every a company a tech company in some form, now and in the future?

Our head of coffee doesn’t scale. Get some someone who knows their stuff so well, that is impossible not to succeed in the end.

Don’t confuse your own passion with the customers passion

Coffee making and roasting is incredibly complex. Just don’t think that you customers passion for drinking the best coffee equals a passion for knowing how it’s made.

Follow you passion = Develop a passion for what you do.

Ignore the invisible jury. They don’t exist.

Don’t become a tech-scene tourist, who talks about how cool startups are.
They are cruel and thankless and don’t pay you anything.

So go on a journey and experiment. Focus on yourself. And do find out what you bleed …

Holistic Thinking Ninja

This is episode 17 in my series #PodOfTheDay and part of the #Blogg100 challenge

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