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Sam Cook – Networking Skills

Pod Of The Day episode 18 – Sam Cook
The Art Of Charm – Life-Saving Negotiation Skills

The Digital Disruption is at hand. It will leave no-one of us untouched. In this revolution your greatest asset will be your closest friends, your tribes … your network. So you practicing your networking skills and building your network at the same time has never been as important as it is right now. And you can’t wait to build it until you need it. Then it’s to late. I know this myself. Because I was never trained in networking and didn’t even know that it was something that could be need until 4 years ago. Since then I have more than made up for it. And it’s not just the online stuff. Which is great for keeping in touch on one level. It’s about meet people face to face. Breaking bread with them that Sam talks about. Have beer with people when they lower their guard and really get to know people. Go to events and connect with agenda to make real friends with people.

So now give Sam Cook a listen on the site or on iTunes or on Android.

He left the US Army to help experts with powerful messages get those messages out into the world. Because that is what he is an expert as. Master Negotiator.

Sam Cook - Life-Saving Negotiation Skills (Episode 383)

Sam Cook – Life-Saving Negotiation Skills (Episode 383)

He who cares the least wins in negotiating

It’s like Jonathan Haidt says: You put yourself into the perspective of the other side. What things are they emotional invested in? What do they hold sacred to the extent that they can’t even think about compromise about it? What do you hold sacred so much that your emotions get fired up?

Know when to apply your emotions
You can never remove emotions from the equation. You need to understand the implications of emotions before you use them. Recognise: I’m having an emotional reaction right now. Don’t suppress it. Be okay with it, feel it and say: How can I use it?

Break Bread with someone

It’s only when you break bread with someone, that you have chance to get to know them. Sure meeting some in the flesh and reading their body language is great. But sharing a meal with the enemy is an ancient way of showing that you both want something better than you have right now.

Meeting some in the flesh is irreplaceable when you have to important work on tight schedule and so much more efficient than doing it on Skype. So of you have that option always do it.

Do something you would pay to do
What would you do for free? Or what would you even pay to do? If you know the answer to that question then you are getting close to finding you calling. Go down that road 🙂

Holistic Thinking Ninja

This is episode 18 in my series #PodOfTheDay and part of the #Blogg100 challenge


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