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Gerd Leonhard – Into The Future

Pod Of The Day – Episode 20
SPOS #455 – Into The Future With Gerd Leonhard

The future is already here. As William Gibson so eloquently put it. Most people just don’t want to take part of it until someone they know has done so first. This is what creates the now so famous adoption bell curve. We all need social proof at different levels from our peers before trying something new and risky. Then we have the early adopters who eagerly lead any adventure – quest – expedition into the unknown.

Into the thinking field that creates humans like Gerd Leonhard, who calls himself a futurist. Something I have done from time to time. As person who thinks about the future a lot is a fitting description. The problem being that some people associates the word with something more nuttier.

If you want a population to adopt your innovation, you have to create a problem that is solved by adoption. And that problem is almost always related to, “what about the others?” — Seth Godin

We do of course need people who think about the future a lot. Many of our modern-day inventions are inspired from books, tv-shows and movies made by futurist thinkers in the form of Science Fiction.

Gerd talking to Mitch Joel is a really fascinating conversation, especially as the get into the music industry. If you, like me, get excited about people talking about the future do give Gera a listen here: Into The Future With Gerd Leonhard or on iTunes.


SPOS #455 – Into The Future With Gerd Leonhard. Photo from Gerd’s site

The Future is already here. It’s just unevenly distributed

So here are some of my key takeaways:

Exponential growth is hard to understand. Our human mind aren’t built for it.

Being a futurist can be hard. Some people can associate you with some nutcase. On the same time much of our technology comes from futurist thinkers.

Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming – David Bowie

He works with the The Futurs Agency

Be a Hybrid Thinker. A catalyst of change.


Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming – David Bowie

Can it be digitally contested?

The Digital disruption is at hand. Anything that could be hacked into being digital in some way will be. Get on the rise and start experimenting by hacking things yourself.

People don’t want to own a lot of stuff. They would rather pay for access when then need it. in a frictionless way.

The Age of Abundance
We are going towards an age of abundance. There has never been so much resources and ideas in our society as it is now. We just have to figure out how distribute and share them better 🙂

Is the future Star Trek?
Are we going to age where money and work will be less important when we get access to su much mire at the snap of finger?

The Future is already here. It’s just unevenly distributed — William Gibson

Is this going to replace the hunt for Profit and Growth as the main drivers to anything? For some people it it already has.

The Future is already here. It's just unevenly distributed -- William Gibson

The Future is already here. It’s just unevenly distributed — William Gibson

Digital obesity

All things will become digital. This will of course lead to allot of overconsumption of digital stuff. We must stay digitally slim. Is there an opportunity for the digital trains and coaches out there to help us with that?

Cling to olden world
We will see a total reboot in the music industry in the next three years. The music industry was damn lucky to get the CD. That doesn’t make the entitled to the next CD. Many companies with power and money will try cling to hold on to old business models. Just because they think they are entitled to all our money.

You are not entitled to the money in any business just because you made the money in the past. You have to earn it – Gerd Leonhard

Holistic Thinking Ninja

This is episode 20 in my series #PodOfTheDay and part of the #Blogg100 challenge


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