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Peter Diamandis on a Better Future and Elon Musk

Pod Of The Day episode 22
Tim Ferriss and Peter Diamandis Talks About Elon Musk and a Better Future

At the end of this week Elon Musk just had a press conference revealing the new Tesla Powerwall, at an astounding low price compared to it’s current competitors. So I immediately started to listen to conversation between Tim Ferriss and Peter Diamandis from earlier this year that I had saved. Peter who is the co-author of the book BOLD with Steven Kotler that I talk about earlier in my post: Steven Kotler – Become the Exponential Entrepreneur.

It’s a really fascinating conversation about a better future, that we can all have if many more of us started making it out goal in life to build a better world. He brings up the example of the right now so hot and fascinating Elon Musk. What could we all learn from him in becoming exponential entrepreneurs. Elon is also the inspiration behind Robert Downey Jr’s – Tony Stark in the Iron Man films. He even appears as himself in the second movie talking about building an electric Jet 😉

Go ahead and give them listen and read my takeaway below. Do find it on Tim’s website or find it on iTunes.

Elon Musk and Tony Stark

Elon Musk and Tony Stark- Elon: I have an idea for an Electric Jet


Let’s Build A Better World

Very few people today are trying to make a better world. It’s a tiny fraction of the population that actually wakes up every day, thinking about making the world better and putting it into action. Ask yourself the question: What will you be remembered for in 3-400 years?

I would like to think that I’m one of them. I’m building a Social Dojo for my Creative Ninjas and my Ninja Academy,

Help a billion people
If you want to make a billion dollars? Help a billion people. What do they need that you can give them? Not what they want. What they need.

Disrupt yourself

What are you experimenting with? Right now, today?
Are you working on something that can change the world? Yes or No?
You should!

Disrupt your own company
We are now in a moment in history where the Digital Disruption is happening at an ever-increasing rate.
Take the smartest 20-something year old people in your company and give the permission to try take down your own company through disruption. If you are not disrupting yourself, someone else is. Or if you are a freelancer, try to disrupt an older business or help someone do it. It is never done alone. It’s always a team that does it. Even guys like Elon couldn’t make it with an extraordinary team of people around him.

The day before something is truly a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea.

And if it isn’t a crazy idea, then it isn’t a breakthrough – it’s just an incremental improvement.
So where inside your company are you trying crazy ideas? Today, not in the future?

Ultimately it’s the entrepreneurs that are trying crazy ideas, as most companies has it built into them not to. That’s why some big companies like Coca Cola and Google are setting up incubators to help foster innovation and new breakthroughs.

Take the Moonshot

Set large goals and start experimenting. Go after the moonshot. You will always learn something.

Just at it happens in the latest episode of Silicon Valley, Gavin Belson, the CEO of the fictional company Hooli made a great speech about going after the moonshot. There he also instigates a new division with a Head Dreamer in charge. Now there is thing I could be 😉

Take the Moonshot -

Take the Moonshot
– “Not so long ago people called sending a man to the moon a #MoonShot” – #GavinBelson

Most companies tries to go after the 10% growth
Some companies will go after 10X.

Elon Musk

Elon realised from an early age that the InternetEnergy and Space was the things to go after. And so he did!

He started the most extra ordinary car company from scratch. May it was what it took to disrupt a a very large and old industry. A Dinosaur. But it wasn’t easy and was close to complete failure several times.

Watch this great documentary about Elon Musk’s history: How I Became The Real ‘Iron Man’.

There are probably a lot of Elons out there that almost made it but we never heard off.
When you reach their level of success we accept their flaws.
Some of them are extraordinary brilliant. Almost not human.

He has always been an introvert. He went to Netscape to apply for a job. He waited in the lobby but was to scarred to go in so he never did it.

After some experimentation and companies he finally made it with Paypal.

He got $180 M for Paypal. He put $100 M into SpaceX, $70M into Tesla and $10M into Solar City.

In 2008 there was the third failure with SpaceX he went into debt to save his companies. He lived in rented house to keep it going. In the end of 2008 he got a big contract through NASA to resupply ISS. He struggled to lose it all but finally got some funding through Tesla and Solar City. Many people have fought and tried to ridicule him. Thanks to his Tenacity and Grit the world is on the right track to become a better world.

Passion, Curiosity and Purpose

“I didn’t go into the automotive industry because I thought it was an easy way to make money. I’m not insane. I just thought there needed to better quality products and they did not exists.” – Elon Musk

It has been sad before and we apparently need to say it again and again. The world need people who finds their Passion, Curiosity and Purpose like never before.

The quality of life is a function of who you go through life with – Peter Diamandis

You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with. Go find your mentors to inspire you, your allies and team-members to make the journey with and your followers and mentees who will stand on your shoulders.

Crowdfund  Everything

Crowdfunding is a really great way to do anything today. And don’t se at as a way to fund your project. The real value lies in everything else you get from it.

It’s a great way to:
Test your marketplace
Build a community
Make a good litmus test
Iterate your design

Up the Game

Look for people who can up your game.
People who you can dream with.

Upgrade your OS
You brain is an OS that come online between the age of 0 to 7. On top of that we build apps of the things we learn.  Like math and language. Don’t just learn new skills and add apps. Upgrade your entire OS.

There is no problem that the human race can’t not solve if we put our mind to it.

Peter is doing it through projects like Xprize. With challenges and competitions to solve problems like better batteries and the climate crisis.

What would you do with a billion dollars?

Find out what you have been put on this planet to do. If you haven’t figured that out yet, drop everything else until you have.
Answer this question first: What makes you psyched to get up in the mornings? Is that something worth doing?
Still haven’t found anything? Then ask yourself: What was you passionate about as a kid?

And the final and most important question:

What would you do if Tim Ferriss and Peter Diamandis gave you a billion dollars?

Besides the parties, you know? You have to have social gatherings surrounding yourself with people who can both inspire you and push you further. What would you build with all that money? Like Elon says in the documentary. I had enough to by an island and just drink margaritas all day. But that didn’t drive me.

What would you build?
For me it’s easy. I would build my Creative Social Dojo. Both here in Varberg and a 2nd one in some of the Creative Hubs in the world like London or San Fransisco. Just to link them together and give them traction. It would have 4 primary functions:

1. Modern School, MakerSpace and Dojo

2. Incubator and Idea Cavern ThinkTank

3. Co-Working place and Project Studio

4. Social Meeting Space and Awesome Play Ground

Creative Ninja – Digital Strategist

This is episode 22 in my series #PodOfTheDay and part of the #Blogg100 challenge

Bold The Book with Steven Kotler and Petet Diamandis

Bold The Book with Steven Kotler and Petet Diamandis

Dr. Peter Diamandis (center) floating with Elon Musk (r), James Cameron (l)

Dr. Peter Diamandis (center) floating with Elon Musk (r), James Cameron (l)


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