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Are You Curious?

TL;DR: There is a single trait that will unlock an extraordinary life for you! It’s Curiosity. If we can get a lot more curios people into the world, we can build a much better world. And there are two types of curiosity that are both trainable. How do you train your curiosity on a daily basis? Do you want to become a Curiosity Ninja too?

Do real my blog on how to become smarter and Level Up! each day: Smarter Than Yesterday.

Have you been curious today?

Jonathan Fields, has noted a pattern the most successful extraordinary people he has met. They are all genuinely curious.
Give him a listen here: Is Curiosity The Secret to an Extraordinary Life?

So he started doing research about curiosity. He found that curiosity was probably the opposite of depression. He also found that there are 2 distinguishable types of curiosity:

State Curiosity

You just widely curios about every aspect of the world around you. You wake up every morning just exited about the world.

Trait Curiosity

It’s when you a curious about a single thing. When you have a burning passion and obsession about something. Something you can’t just let go. This special interests of yours get you into flow both quicker and for a longer time.

Level up your curiosity

This bring the question to mind: Are curiosity trainable or is it something that a lucky few are born with? The awes is that is trainable to certain degree. Especially the latter, Trait curiosity.

Are You A Curios George?

Are You A Curios George?

An easy way to this is to start reading book and listening to podcast on various subjects. So if you have read this far you are in some way already interested in reading and listening to podcast which this blog is about. So continue reading and listening. The good part is that it has never been easier in the entire history of the human race to get ahold of interesting books, podcast and lectures to listen to on the internet.

Go explore the world of people too. Go to seminars and meeting and listen to and meet interesting people. Somewhere down the line you will bump into something the peeks your curiosity. I know for a fact that this is true.

The last 3 years of my life, everything has completely turned around. I used to be system developer before. Now I have turned into a Curiosity Ninja and Future Thinker.

I have always been curios, but I didn’t know what to be curious about expect all my geek interests. I have been listening to podcast and reading books for years before this, but they where mostly about gaming, sci-fi and fantasy. Suddenly I found myself listening to podcast and reading books about everything the world had to offer in science and knowledge about how we humans and the world works. I was going to meetings all over Sweden and building a network of like-minded people whom I would never had met otherwise.

My whole world changed and I levelled up my curiosity to new heights.

Do give Jonathan a listen over at Good Life Project and level up your curiosity too.
Is Curiosity The Secret to an Extraordinary Life?

Do level up you curiosity as well!

Please contact me if you want to be curios together with me 🙂

Lord Sillion
Curiosity Ninja

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