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Jason Silva – Find Your Rabbit Hole

It’s time to find your Rabbit Hole. This time together with my newfound podcast love Inside Quest and the guest Jason Silva. We will find out how you can hack your own reality by having the right mindset and understanding of your own brain.

How can we get more creative and experience more Awe of the things around us? How can we have a curious growth mindset about the world and live in bewilderment and adventure? Enjoy this with Jason Silva.

Follow the White Rabbit!

Listen to him on Youtube or on iTunes.

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Unplug people from The Matrix

It has now been a year since I put words into this concept, where I tip you on some of the best podcast episodes I have been listening to and sum up, what I take away. Last time it was Daniel Priestley who literally swept the rug away under my feet. He actually told us how to design our own lives as humans, entrepreneurs and freelancers with his Key Person of Influence concept. And that is what I have been doing for a year. I have acquired so much new insights and knowledge about the world and applied it to myself with intent and strategy. And yet I have so much left to learn, understand and discover.

I am a Future Captain now just like Tom Bilyeu in this first episode with Jason Silva I want to unplug people from The Matrix and guide them into a better future like Morpheus does with Neo.

I’m Captain Future and I want you to fully appreciate the “Awe” in Jason Silva like I does. Buckle up!

Bring it!

How to become ontological DJs of our reality

How to teleport anyone into epiphanius rapture

Jason Silva has long been a major inspiration to me as Futurist and Alchemist of Ideas. His Shots of Awe videos are impossible not to fall in love with and take us further into the night of undiscovered awareness.

I follow him on Facebook and he regularly stream live videos where he leaves us baffled every time.

We live in our brains. The reality is just painting inside our brains, where we take the inputs of our senses and re-paint them with our brushes of cognitive framing. With that in mind we can actually hack our own reality and co-author the world we experience. We can choose with what emotions and feeling we brand our experience and we can even take up old memories and re-hack them into what more suits a vision for a better life for us. Like Jason puts it:

We can become ontological DJs of our own reality

With the right technique and mindset we can actually learn new skills and insights in a very short time. Almost like the learning of Kung Fu scene in The Matrix. This is of course no easy feat if you are stuck in The Matrix and a “Fixed Mindset”.

Get New Insights

To do this we need help of our closest circle of friends, a good peer group or mentor. If you are stuck, upgrade the people you spend the most time with. And we have new tools that we have designed that in turn design us back. Here the Internet and smartphones gives us access to insights and knowledge that before only was found in books, and still is, but was hard to find in your local Library or bookstore even if you knew to look for them. That is my story. I have known for my whole life that I was looking for something. But I found almost no books about it and didn’t have friends or a network that pushed me into the rabbit hole.

Movies like the The Matrix and Ghost In the Shell and books like Terry Pratchett – The Science of Discworld series and Douglas Adams – Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy put me up to search for this Rabbit Hole many years ago. But it wasn’t until finally 4 years ago thanks to social media that I found a new tribe and really fell into the rabbit hole.

What we should look for is profound awe

An experience of such perceptual vastness that you have to upgrade your maps of the world to assimilate that experience. It can be really hard to find. And you will know when you find it. So keep looking.

It’s all about finding or designing something that puts you into “Flow” on a regular basis. Being in flow makes you very productive and creative. It’s when times flies by and you feel like you are in your prime. It’s something that Steven Kotler has researched with his Flow Genome Project.

Try to design your life so that it contains more Awe and Flow.

“I’m a tourist interested in the future and humanity”

I like to think and I like to make content about the things I think about – Jason Silva

Cooking made us human

Everything mankind has invented and designed has in turn designed us back as species. Take the invention of cooking. It enabled us to get more energy out of and digest food way more easily. Then we didn’t need big jaws muscle so this shrunk altering our physiology.

Or latest invention is of course the smartphone that is altering who our brains are wired to our fingers.

The iPhone is an extension of our brain. with it we are becoming a new super organism. We just have to be aware how it hacks us back as we hack reality with it and keep a balanced and mindful approach going into this ecstatic future.

We can design our own future in never-ending feedback loops, where the future designs us back.

Have a childlike wonder of the world

We must be aware of the hedonistic imperative. When things that would have put Leonardo into complete ecstasy, like flying over the clouds in an airplay, today doesn’t seem to make us jump up and down in complete wonder.

We have an imperative as a society to use biotechnology, nanotechnology pharmacology to create gradients of bliss for ourselves that are above and beyond anything we have ever experienced.

We rage against the darkness with art
with poetry, with love, with science, with engineering.
We build beautiful facing cathedral, we build rockets that go into orbit

Find The Others

Just like me many of us find ourselves lost in life and lost in our direction forward on our journey. The easiest way out this is of course finding like-minded people who forms a tribe and can help each other along on this journey. Human beings were designed to live in tribes. And we can become really alone if we don’t find that sense of purpose and belonging that the right tribe with the right mindset and direction provides.

This just something that our modern capitalist industrial society has tried to “design away”. Now thanks to Social Media and The Internet it has come way more easier to remedy this. If you haven’t found your Tribes yet just keep looking. And do mean the pluralis Tribes because even if you have core tribe that you identify most with many of us are already members of several other loosely coupled tribes were it is often our interests that unites us.

And this is very important too, as we need steer aways from the single-minded groupthink and the polarisation that can often be the danger with just spending too much time in a single tribe. If we are going to take us into a flourishing future we need to be connected on global level and be able to see and understand all other human beings perspectives.

Coming of Age

We no longer have a coming of age ritual. This is also something that we can include in our design of our modern tribes. We need ritualistic scarifications to mark the changes in our lives like marriage has been in the past. We are becoming lost in what it takes to be a human and an adult today. How we treat others and how we treat ourselves. It is often the training in our social skills that are lacking.

I think we should have some form of school that provides with this training and then graduates us into humanity. And this should be a continuous process also as we level up in life over the years and come to new levels of insights. Check out my post about Elevating our minds.

Rest & Creativity

Get more rest. Sleep more. And if you feel that sometime the hours are not adding up, take a nap in the middle of the day. Research has shown that our cognitive abilities goes way up if we take a nap instead of just more coffee when we feel the heavy eyelids coming. This is how get our creativity up. Sleep, rest and napping.

Because then it becomes way more easier to find the unique connection between things. And that is the definition of creativity. Don’t worry about having original ideas, just make original connections between other ideas.

Never before will someone be exactly like me and make my unique connections again.

The mind is such a prediction engine. So shutting down people’s ability to predict your behaviour makes you way more interesting. So become vulnerable and be beyond people’s ability to predict you. We zig when other people zag.

So far this is the most exciting time to be alive in human history. Jason calls it the:

The Cambrian Explosion of Mind

We are finally beginning to come to grasps with how our minds work and we have a very exciting journey ahead of us in this field of understanding.

Movie Magic

Movies are the ultimate tool to explore the human experience.

We make films to allow us to enter the subjective world of someone else – Jason Silva

Both Jason Silva and Tom Bilyeu are agreeing with me that movies when done right are the ultimate tool to take further as a species. With that right storytelling and narration we can plant the right seed of an idea or inspiration to change the world. And as with all great powers comes great responsibility. And that is something that many of the blockbuster much factories in Hollywood is tragically unaware of.

The Matrix has changed many of our lives including me, Tom and Jason. Check out my story behind it: 15 Years in The Matrix.

All realities are virtual. All virtualities are real
The Dream is real when you are in it. – Jason Silva

And with that I leave you. There are so many more awesome conversations with Jason and this one is filled to the brim with gems of insight.

Finite games are played to win and lose.
Infinite games are played to keep the game going. 
– Kevin Kelley

What is the definition of life well lived?

A life well lived are not about victory or losses
But a continuous process of growth and evolution
A continuous process of Adventure, Curiosity, Bewilderment and Awe

One in which you don’t go quietly into that good night at the end of the race
But instead you rage and you rage and you rage against the dying of the light

As Alan Harrington said we must never forget
We are cosmic revolutionaries
Not Stoges conscripted to natural order that kills everyone

Having Invented the Gods we can turn into them

– Jason Silva

/Lord Sillion
I’m your Future Captain

And check him out on School Of Greatness too.

As endorsed by Tom Bilyeu 🙂

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