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Seth Godin – Care & Lead

Seth Godin is one of the most inspiring persons alive today. Because he teaches us to care about what we do. Not to give up when something gets hard. It is exactly because something is hard that it’s worth doing. If it were easy everyone would do it. Whenever I feel down or stuck or are wondering if I’m on the right track, it’s worth listening to something from Seth or pick up his book: What To Do When It’s Your Turn. Then suddenly you can find the energy to continue to do great art again.

Find something with a dip
If it were easy everyone would do it – Seth Godin

I’m such a great fan that when he announced that he was doing a live Q&A in London, me and my friend Helena Roth signed up and went to meet him in London. And it was one of my most awesome days in my life so far. Helena wrote a 24 day advent calendar about it.

There is a ton of content out there from him. Everything from great books, podcasts, speeches and online courses. I could choose to take one pod with Seth. But because it Seth I choose to make it hard for me … or easy? I took 3 of the best and mixed the content together. It is the conversations with Chase Jarvis – Time Ferriss and Michael Port.

I can also recommend his Freelancer course.

Go make a Ruckus!


Michael Sillion – Seth Godin – Helena Roth in London


Do you care enough to make a difference?
If yo do, you need care enough to be misunderstood
And you need to care enough to be rejected
– Seth Godin

By that he means a lot. First find something that is worth doing. That somehow changes people to the better. Or better put: improves them. Something that is part in building a better world. Something that will be your legacy. Something your children and grandchildren will remember you for.

He also means that if it’s worth doing it will also be hard. If it were easy everyone would do it. Find something with a dip. Something that isn’t for everyone. Not even the iPhone was for everyone when it first came out. Many people who today loves it, then both laughed at it and rejected it. And not every project will be a wide success even after hard work. But it will still be worth doing if you care enough and you level up yourself on the journey. Work hard and even more important: Work smart!

Practice being you

And in that journey, the one thing you must become an expert at, is being you. Find what is true for you. Something I talked about in the Jason Silva episode: Find you rabbit hole and tumble down it. Because every time you meet someone or are doing some sort of presentation you are pitching yourself. The better you become at becoming you, the more comfortable and less afraid you will be to tell your truth to others.

Your Authentic You

And you always play the role of being you. Because being you is a choice you make. Finding your truth is a choice. There is always choice on which path and rabbit hole to tumble down in.

Our authentic self was when we were 3 months old. After that we started making choices.
Our authentic self are the ones who act in a way we are proud of. Who generate the outcome we seek.
Once you acknowledge that, we realise there is a role to be played.
-Seth Godin

When we feel comfortable enough of playing the role we do and the choices we make everything becomes clearer and easier. We start have a compass to navigate after when making more choices and interact with other people.

Most of the important stuff we do happens in the moment when we don’t think it’s high stake – Seth Godin

Dance With Fear

The other alternative is to do nothing

The easiest way to please everyone is to go away and change nothing – Seth Godin

Making an impact isn’t something we are born to do. It can be taught. Everyone has made an impact once in their life. And if can be done once it can be done again. It’s fear that makes us not do it. With Seth calls the resistance.

The object is not to remove the fear. It’s to learn to dance with it. To recognise when we feel the itch.

The cost of being a creative and doing art today is nothing compared to yesterday with our modern told and the internet. Today we can do “unlimited bowling“. Experiment after experiment.

You work your way up

Start with smallest possible audience and the possible smallest art. Then rinse and repeat. Picasso painted 100 great paintings. But he did by painting 10 000 paintings.

Find the work that can’t be written down. Why are we surprised that the mindset and system that built the entire world are still in place in today’s companies? If you can write down the steps to do your work we can find someone else cheaper to do it.

The only work you want to do is work where we cannot write down the steps.
True art is for you figure out the steps. And if you think that you can discover the steps without making mistakes you are nuts.

“The entire essence of science and art is innovation and innovation is making mistakes until you figure out how to do it right. That’s your job!
If you are not making productive errors at work, you are not doing your job” – Seth Godin

Do Public Speaking 

Do public speaking. And you get an extraordinary unfair advance if you are not a stranger when you step on the stage. 80% of the impact is gonna happen in the 10 years before the presentation starts. Do the groundwork being you. You start by building attention and trust in the years before the gig. It’s very rare that a speech changes someone’s life. But it can put ideas under the skin of the audience.

Practice your speech so much that you can’t tell that you practiced
Practice being you

Mere mortals are better being themselves. Sir Ken Robinson is exactly like he is on stage in real life. And so is Seth Godin himself.

The Godin Method

The goal of the talk is to tell a series of stories the alternate between creating tension and relieving tension. The purpose of story is to both get into the brain emotionally and intellectually and have those 2 collided in a way that it creates a memory.

Once you can tying together a string of stories the method becomes way easier.

Do you have enough life experience to have stories? Of course you do.
The hard part is to curate these stories and put them in an order that helps the audience understand where they have to go to relive the tension. The rehearsal process is about sculpting the story.

What is it for?

Whatever you do.
When you put something out there.
Ask me what it is for.

Build a Story into everything you do

Something that elevates the person telling it to their friends. This is a part of what Seth Godin calls the Connection Economy or the Trust Economy. Everything worth doing has to have so much value for someone else, that it’s worth it for them to tell their friends about it. And have them look good by doing so. That is how you build trust and connection.

You don’t own your brand anymore. Not even your personal brand. You are always what people tell other people. You can just make it easier for them if there is an awesome story for them to tell.

SethGodin Gone

Be missed if you were gone

This is ultimate control question if you’re on the right track.

Would someone miss you if you were gone?

If you stopped doing your Art tomorrow, would someone show up and ask why have stopped? It sums up so much about what is important. It’s all about leading your tribe into the future. Like I want to do.


The most important thing you do if you have children is to teach them 3 things.
Teach our children to:

Solve interesting problems

And if you don’t have children find a peer group or a mentee to elevate.

And help people connect. Be the Connector. Or the Maestro.

Put words to your thoughts. That is something that’s very helpful for the brain. It helps the brain to understand and learn and see what is important to you.

Have a blog!
Write every day!
Write poorly. Continue write poorly until you write good.

Or do a Audioblog  or a video channel where you share your thoughts and analysis.

There is no such thing as writer’s block.
And there is no such thing as entrepreneurial block.
Everyone should blog. Go into the public and notice things.
Say one thing every day that is new. And that you are willing to stand behind.

The goal is to have a lot of bad ideas. Because once you start having a lot of bad ideas, the good ones have to show up.
Have lot’s of silly ideas

Or build a guild like in the Olden Days.
A Guild is a network where everyone is vetted.

The first 10

Show and tell 10 people you trust. If they share it you’re on your right way. Know when your are wrong. When should you pivot and when should you start over.

Get Tattoo Worthy

There are 2 types entrepreneurs

Type I
Who’s need am I satisfying today?
And can I assemble assets so I don’t have to be the cheapest.
How can I get to my customers faster, better and more efficiently.

Make a list of the 1000 things around that people need and want.
And make a list of the assets and connection you can build.
And you go do it. Over and over again until you get good and big enough.

Type II
“The purpose of my business is to change people” – Michael Shraig

To change them from something into something else.
Like Harley Davidson. Who changed outsiders into respected insiders.
Nobody gets a Suzuki tattoo.
You can decide that you are tattoo worthy. To be indispensable.

Are you?
Tattoo worthy?

Here I can recommend Jonathan Fields’ Business Revolution framework.

What to do when it’s you turn?

You could be more generous
You could lead people to a place where they want to go
You can weave a network that connect the disconnected
You can seek people who are disrespected and respect them
You can bring dignity to people who deserves it

And we shouldn’t do them tomorrow. We should do them today

/Michael Sillion
I’m Captain Future

Seth Godin on Public Speaking and Performing During High Stakes Situations:


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