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Parag Khanna – Connectivity Is Destiny

The future is made by people. It’s the sum of all our daily actions. To make a better future we need people collaborating all over the world in making this future. And collaboration, creativity, innovation and connections are flourishing where a lot of people are living, meeting and moving around. And that, they will do where we build infrastructure so that big Mega Cities can form. Hear Parag Khanna talk about it and read my thoughts below.

The Future is Mega Cities
Like in Judge Dredd or Star Trek
The choice is ours!

Parag Khanna

Parag Khanna – Connectivity Is Our Destiny

Here is awesome presentation by Parag Khanna about our connected world. One so awesome that I had to listen to it 5 times before writing this 🙂

All our maps is just fiction. Most of the maps you have been shown today totally made up. That is how Parag Khanna opens up his speech on RSA Event in London – Connectivity Is Destiny. Find it on iTunes or here as a mp3.

Real maps are not territorial but functional just like the human race. The real maps are the infrastructure we build. Like cities, trade-routs, energy distribution, transportation and communication.

Also here are 6 maps in the Washington Post.

Enter the age of Mega-Cities

We are now entering an age where big connected Mega-Cities are merging all over the world. It’s just not the big metropolitan city any more. It’s where several sister cities or satellite cities become connected through massive infrastructure. Thanks through modern transportation people become ever more mobile and are able to move freely over this mega cities.

The real creative and economic booming cities are also the big cultural melting pots. It’s the cities that are able to attract a lot of ethnic diversity that are also doing the best in terms innovation, creativity, culture and economy.


Build Connections – Not Walls

It is always countries that most need migrants, that are trying to shut them out – Parag Khanna

Borders are not going up
Borders are going away all over the globe
Expect in some places that are probably needing it the most

It is crazy what is happening here between Sweden and Denmark where the government are trying to shut down the border between us. It’s going in the wrong direction.

More people than ever before is history are migrating now. And it is mostly a good thing. India is desperate to make more people come there as tourists and immigrants. Not the other way around.

The West Scandic Mega City

Here on the West cost of Sweden where I live we are in the middle of connecting Olso -Gothenburg – Halland – Helsingborg – Malmö – Copenhagen into a big West Scandic Mega City. And Stockholm can join in too. Maybe we will build a Hyperloop connecting all the cities. Then we need to lower the cost of traveling between the cities. And the border-controls between Malmö and Copenhagen most go away. Like Now!

The more easily and cheaply we can move between our cities the faster we can become a mega cities too. I say we run an experiment and make it almost free to go by train and see what happens.

I think people will start moving like crazy and speeding our money on cultural events. And a lot more meetups and conferences will make innovation and creativity go through the roof.

Let’s make people move around!


Mega Cities are grown. Mostly in Asia

China is on the Rise

The Future belongs to China. China have plans to connect the entire Eurasian continent with infrastructure with new Silk Iron Roads. And Europe is getting in on the Bandwagon.


A Sustainable Future

The big issue here is to get all this cities sustainable. And that quick. We can’t afford to wait another 20 years before doing it. The we will hit the brick wall so fast we will shatter in the process.

We need get the 17 UN Global Goals on the agenda quicker than  you can say Anthropocene.

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Here is another great article about Mega Cities:
Story of cities #future: what will our growing megacities really look like?

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