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Lord Sillion aka Captain Future recommends podcast-episodes about creativity, innovation, empathy and entrepreneurship for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Curios people

Sam Cook – Networking Skills

Pod Of The Day episode 18 – Sam Cook The Art Of Charm – Life-Saving Negotiation Skills The Digital Disruption is at hand. It will leave no-one of us untouched. In … Continue reading

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Stephen Rapoport – What Do You Bleed?

Pod Of The Day episode 17 – Stephen Rapoport Founder of Pact Coffee at Silicon Real If I cut you, what do you bleed? In Brian Rose’s case, the host of London Real … Continue reading

April 5, 2015 · 1 Comment

The Bard – Alexander The Great … Silly

Pod Of The Century episode XVI Alexander Bard 101 – Värvet We Need More Silliness So this is an older episode that listened to today on April the First 2015. It’s all … Continue reading

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Hard With Style – Get Into Trance – Light Up World

Pod Of The Day episode 15 HARD with STYLE episode 43 presented by Wasted Penguinz Not all podcast are words. Those of you who know me, knows that love to … Continue reading

March 29, 2015 · 1 Comment

Chris Taylor – What Is The RIO On Curiosity?

Pod Of The Day episode 14 – Chris Taylor [Deliberate Choice: Going Beyond the Picket Fence]  Curiosity is the most important thing we have going into the future. How can we … Continue reading

March 21, 2015 · 1 Comment

Annika Linde – The Swedish Startup Scene

Startuppodden – SUP46-special 2 – Annika Linde  Today we have an episode in Swedish with the podcast Startuppodden who talks with Annika Linde about the Swedish Startup scene. This is … Continue reading

March 19, 2015 · 1 Comment

Nick Onken – Create Your Reality

Nick Onken The Art of Charm – Turning Passion Into Profit e.12 Everybody is talking about following your passion these days. First of what is passion? It’s coming from things … Continue reading

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Tai Lopez – Invest In Yourself

Pod Of The Day episode 9 – 10 – 11 — Tai Lopez This was a tough one, as it has taken me several days to listen to this podcast … Continue reading

March 12, 2015 · 14 Comments

Timber Hawkeye – You Are Your Story

Timber Hawkeye – The One You Feed This is a very interesting conversation with Timber Hawkeye. Check him out on the podcast The One You Feed Podcast. He also mentioned the … Continue reading

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Steve Sims – How To Always Create A Win-Win

Pod Of The Day – Steve Sims Have you ever had a dream that is too crazy to become true? Then you haven’t met Steve Sims yet. He’s the man. Literally. … Continue reading

March 7, 2015 · 1 Comment