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Steve Sims – How To Always Create A Win-Win

Pod Of The Day – Steve Sims

Have you ever had a dream that is too crazy to become true? Then you haven’t met Steve Sims yet. He’s the man. Literally. The man that makes dreams come true. Like Genie in a Bottle 😉

Check out this talk with the world-class facilitator of events and dreams on The Art Of Charm podcast. The stories of all the things Steve has done is in itself really fascinating. Then add to the fact that he shares all his secrets in how to start connecting people yourself, makes this one of the best shows I have ever listened to.

Go on and help other chase down their dreams and help yourself on the way by building genuine connections with people.

Dine at Michelangelo’s David [ Or Getting the Pope to marry you]

Ever wanted to do things like dine under the shadow of the most famous sculpture in the world, David, Michelangelo’s Renaissance masterpiece. Or are just fascinated with people who make it happen? Take listen to Steve.

Steve Sims | How to Always Get a Yes

Steve Sims | How to Always Get a Yes

How does Steve make it happen?

So here it goes. Here are some of my key takeaways from Steve 🙂

Always create a win-win when you getting things done

I sell smiles
I am their addiction of choice
You gotta accept the fact that it gonna happen. How can I make it happen?

It always help to walk in with credibility.

It’s all about building relations and connecting people with each other
I never ask for a favour. How can I make you happy? Don’t make it an exchange of money. Nobody remembers money.
Pay by experience. The return on investment on any experience given to someone is so much greater than cash.

Replay to an email with a video or an audio-file
Or reply by asking when is a good time to talk on the phone?

When you think about a dream why stop yourself short. Anything is doable

People want the real you.

Give people gifts.
Go in with the win-win attitude that it gonna happen
Reach out. Stay in touch. Show you care

Lord Sillion
Holistic Thinking Ninja

Go on and help others chase down their dreams

Go on and help others chase down their dreams

This is episode 7/100 in the #Blogg100 Challenge


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