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Daniel Priestley – Key Person of Influence

This is for you my Future Hero! I give you the beginning of something great. Daniel Priestley has put together the framework for you & me to become a Key Person of Influence here on Planet Earth. This is the best possible time to live on this rock around the sun. Let’s take this opportunity and really rock this life of ours! Together we level up the Crew of #SpaceshipEarth. Come join me in the Entrepreneur Revolution!

Down – Down Into The Rabbit-Hole

Wow … Really wow … Not many podcast makes me drop everything I’m doing and go deep into a rabbit-hole for a whole week, two weeks, three weeks, five weeks!! This one did. I immediately knew I had struck gold here. I quickly bought Daniel’s 3 books online. Entrepreneurial Revolution as the only audiobook and the other two, Key Person of Influence & Oversubscribed, on paperback for express delivery from the UK. Since this blog is mainly about the content of the podcast I listen to, I won’t dig to deep into the contents of the books and will mainly try to focus on what is discussed in the London Real show. Although that won’t be easy. It’s fair to say that I almost stopped listening to other pods for 3 weeks, as I dug deeper into this goldmine, that the insights of Daniel is. I highly recommend that you get his first book now in Revised Edition: Key Person of Influence… Today!

Give him a listen on iTunes or on London Real. And make sure you stay in the rabbit-hole for a while just as I did 😉

Daniel Priestley on London Real

Daniel Priestley on London Real

Key Person of Influence [What do you Bleed?]

Before you do anything else you must start with yourself. Who are you and what do you do? What do you bleed if you cut your veins open? What passions are you also an expert in. Take a step back. Do a full overview of your interest and your experiences. What combination of all that do you have the knack for to go the distance in an entrepreneurial endeavour. In what niche can you become a Key Person of Influence in?

Update 2018:
I have now prototyped and developed a model I call Ikigai 4.0 for help in finding your niche that you can become the best at in your world. I also call it flourishing me! Read about it here: Ikigai 4.0 – Flourishing Me.

Until you are a Key Person of Influence, your full-time job is to become a KPI – Daniel Priestley

Your work is always a product of your environment. You must become part of an environment that normalize what you are trying to do. Surrounding yourself with your peers or a team that believes that the project you are on is possible and supporting it in various ways.

If you are not part of that environment, it is highly unlikely that you would succeed.

For example: In what Environment is it normal to write a book? Daniels best tip is to do it in some form writing club where you hold each another accountable.


Become a Key Person of Influence

The 5 steps of becoming a KPI [Or the 6 Ps]

There are 5 steps that are “key” to become a Key Person of Influence. They should be done in order to be effective Daniel says. They are:

Pitch: You must be able to clearly and quickly articulate what you do and tour value
Publish: Publish a book or another IP to position yourself as an expert in your field
Products: Create products based on your expertise
Profile: Build your profile so when people Google you they can see who you are
Partnerships: Create lucrative partnerships


Pitch yourself
Pitch to yourself

You can’t switch off pitching
You are pitching with your inactivity
You are pitching with your posture
Your pitching yourself in your own brain

You get what you pitch for
You are constantly pitching
You are the one steering the ship
Stop waiting for someone to come pitch you
Share your pitch with the world
Put your pitch on YouTube

Pitching yourself and others is something you do 24/7. In the way you act and communicate with yourself and others. This the most important aspect to get right. Figure out your value and into what niche and tribe you where born to deliver value to. Then start practicing you pitches. Your Big Idea Pitch, your Social Pitch and your Presentation Pitch. Also check out Oren Claff, who also was a guest on London Real, and his take on Pitch Everything.

Daniel can sense when you have pitched yourself a thousand times and your pitch is ready. He can also sense when you are not. Become ready! Pitch FTW!



Write Blogs
Turn them into books

The important thing here is to publish IP [Intellectual Property]. Not necessarily books. It can be blogs, articles, reports, audio & video-podcasts.

“Then I fell in love with having books and then I fell in love what happened to me after having books. I created space for new ideas in my head” — Daniel Priestley

If no one reads your book it would still be worth publishing. Write a book to crystallise your own ideas.

Once you have put your thoughts in a book or blog it frees up headspace for new ideas. Once you have your ideas on paper you brain start having new ideas. Give away your ideas. Then people will come to you to have them implemented.


If no one read your book it would still be worth writing – Daniel Priestley


A Product is just way getting things done. People want some for of result or transformation. What is it the end-user or the customer want done in their life? People don’t buy your time. They buy the result.

You must have a line of Products. Set up an ecosystem of 4 types of products. This much reassembles Nicholas Lovell’s concept he calls The Curve. Daniel calls this the Ascending Transaction Model – ATM.

1. Free Products and Gifts

These are free products that you give to the world expecting nothing in return. Here all kinds of digital products and ideas is a great way make this happen at a low-cost to you. It’s very important that it is a meaningful product that adds value to the customer. No cheesy gimmicky stuff. It can also be a free event or workshop that you deliver. Listen to Jonathan Fields and his take on why you should even work for “Free” here: Working for Free: The Good, The Bad, The Truth.

2. Products for Prospects

These are low-cost products that are great for people to start a commercial relation with you and to lower the threshold of spending more money on you. Or they can be free in return of some other value like their contact information. Focus on spreading your ideas with this one. It can be a newsletter or book. People should feel the win-win feeling of getting some quick value out of this product. It should not be the same as nor cannibalize on your core product.

3. Core Products

This is where you implement your ideas at an extraordinary value. This is where you make your money and it should never be sold cheap. It should be able to make you at least €1000 per client and year. This is your Game-changer that you to deliver to your core niche. Here your implementation is key. People have an abundance of ideas and are very shot on time. Deliver Kick-Ass value.

4. A Logical Next Step

This is your Premium Next Level Products. This is for your customers that have already bought your core product(s) and that you have already built a relationship with. They want more of your value and this is must not be the same as your core products. It can be done in relationship with other partners to create a bigger ecosystem of value.


It’s about attracting opportunities that are “right” for you. You can’t chase everything. With the right profile the opportunities comes to you.

You are who Google says you are. How is your presence on all social media platforms? Is it accurate and up to date? Have you won any awards or any form of competitions? Do you show up at the right parties?

Anyone can raise their profile in the right micro-niche. If you have done the things in the right order you should have figured out what your niche is. Now it’s time to level up your profile in that niche.

How does the niche of your own name look? Start a new browser window in private mode and Google yourself. What shows up? Switch to the image and video tabs. Are you represented here at all? Is so have you put it there?

The ultimate niche is the niche of your own name — Daniel Priestley


Success is a team sport. There is now such thing as self-made person or a self-made millionaire. Almost all businesses are lacking the right partnership. It’s not about creating the ultimate product. It’s about having the right product partnership in place.

Think of every mingle and event you go to as an opportunity find new partnerships. Never go to an event with the intention of getting a new client. Look for partnerships instead. Everybody wants a Win-Win relationship. Look for the opportunity to take it even a step further. Go for the Win-Win-Win.

Perspective [The sixth P]

If there what an 6th P in the model it would be perspective. Most people don’t think they have anything when in fact your entire history, insights and life is your asset.

If you think of your entire life as a movie it would be a pretty boring movie. But if someone else would condense it down to a 2 hour movie it would be full of significant insights. Think about the moments in your life when you felt a true connection to the world. When you felt that sense of true purpose. Then build and walk from those moments.

What do get complemented on? What do other people think are your superhero abilities?

It’s like Tail Lopez says. Double down on your core competence.

Order is Key [Set Yourself Up FTW]

It’s very important that you do the five Ps in the right order. Start with the 6th P. Or else you may find yourself at key event and getting a lot of press and you miss the opportunity to pitch yourself properly or when people look you up you neither have content online nor a product to hook people up with.

1. Figure out who you are first. What is your story? What mountain of value do you stand on? Get Perspective!
2. What is your Pitch? How of you position yourself in your micro niche? Remember you are always pitching.
3. Start Publishing content that resonates with your story and connects to your niche. Blog, Write, Record audio and video and so on.
4. Set up your line of Products according to the ATM [Ascending Transaction Model].
5. Start building a reputation to be the Go-To Person in your industry. The one people always calls first. Raise your Profile.
6. Partner up! Start looking for people and companies that you and your products can enhance or go into Partnership with.

Entrepreneur Revolution [Connection Economy]

There is a big change going on in society. You may have felt it or noticed it. It has many names. Daniel calls it the Entrepreneur Revolution. Seth Godin calls it the Connection Economy. People like Dov Seidman, Daniel Goldman, Chade-Meng Tan, Shawn Achor, Matthew Lieberman and Brené Brown calls it Age Of Empathy. Then we have Jonathan Fields who have put together and an abloslute awesome guide to the 18 Steps Business Revolution. Also available as audio. And do read Scott Dinsmore’s full blog about it and how he applied it: Live Your Legend Case Study: 18 Steps to Turn Your Idea into a Global Revolution.

Now for the first time in history, all we who are willingly, have the opportunity to be masters of our own fate. The internet and social media has made it possible for anyone to build a small network of people who thinks the same and build teams, clusters and hubs who want to shape their own future. Please keep in mind that even if an Entrepreneur is a person who have passion on her own to change things. Change, Innovation and Revolutions are never done alone. Even if it’s sometimes portrayed so in popular media.

What must we then do to join this revolution in the best possible way? Daniel has some great insights in his book that almost no one else I have come across talks about. He has a great 10 challenges list.

In order to start a business you have to be prepared to be the face of the business. Many talks about that you should be able make the business run without you. No, says Daniel. You as KPI should be the frontrunner that makes your business excel!

And Build A Great Team!

Always have 5 people on your team:
1. A visionary
2. A sales person
3. A graphics person
4. A Swiss Army knife (i.e. a jack of all trades)
5. A mentor

Within the context of an environment, certain outcomes become very normal - Daniel Priestley

Within the context of an environment, certain outcomes become very normal – Daniel Priestley

Vitality and Love

You must become a vital person. Love everything! Only with love of everything you do and love to everyone you meet, will you succeed.

He also talks about the 7 Maxims

1. You get what you pitch for and you are always pitching
2. Influence comes from output not confidence.
3. Income follows assets. What assets do you have?
4. Get known by the success of your clients. Tell their stories!
5. You’re in partnership with everyone that touches your business. Everyone!
6. Ideas are worthless – implementation is everything
7. Being imaginative is not being creative. Creativity comes from doing!

There are many more insight for you have in order to create your: Life Style Business. A Life Style Business are usually between 3-12 people working together in a super team delivering extraordinary value in a well-defined micro niche.


Become part of an environment that normalizes what ever you want to succeed with — Daniel Priestley

Oversubscribed [Make Your Customers VIP]

Daniels latest book and concept is called Oversubscribed. We all want to be paid for the things we do. And you can only make money, where there is a greater demand than supply of what you do. Daniels calls this being oversubscribed. In its simplest term one can say that you start separating yourself from the micro-niche market you are in, by being exceptional in some way. The best way to do it, is by telling a better story than everyone else. A story that can be internalized, on why people feel so great when choosing your products and why they are worth going the extra mile to get.

Think of the people lining up for an Apple iPhone launch or a great movie or concert. The queuing with other fans itself only enhances the story we tell ourself, why we are getting this product. What can you do to create such loyal tribe of followers?

Treat your clients like celebrities. Once they have bought your value don’t rush things on the inside. Turn your buyer into a VIP person.

Daniels three books

Daniel’s three books

Run Forward! Climb Upwards!

You’ve been dead for 14 billion years to get here and you are going be dead for 14 billion years to come after.
You get 80 laps around the sun if you are lucky.

Nothing you do is gonna matter that much.
From that place you are gonna have to figure out what it all means.

Spread love and inspiration! Make the world a better place to live on!

Daniel Priestley and Michael Sillion

Who Am I In All This? [I Want To Inspire]

Reading his 3 books and listening to Daniel over the last couple of weeks, together with people like Seth Godin, Tai Lopez, Ryan Holiday, Scott Dinsmore, Don Tapscott and Peter Sage, has really made me question who I am and what I do. So I took Daniel’s advice and stared with my perspective & pitching. I’m not done yet…

I know for one thing that this is awesome stuff and feel in my blood that I want to help others become Awesome Creative People (or KPI). As I have many geek interests and skills I’m thinking of combining them into the package. I want to inspire people both young and old to become something great. The best possible version of themselves. In a never-ending spiral of joy and insights.

I call myself a Future Captain [Framitdskapten]. In that:

I guide and challenge you in navigating and creating your future!

It’s a person who connects and help other people take personal responsibility in creating a better future for themselves and for all of us. I call them Future Heroes and I make them think about, talk about and create the future we want.

We are all sitting in the same boat going into the future. We have to make sure there is some sort of plan where we are going and that we are all rowing in the same direction. That’s the role of a Future Captain.

The Future is a team game!
And I’m your Captain Future – Lord Sillion

I also launched my project that call Captain Future Project where I want to do public speaking and workshops. I want to create a Future Dojo where both children, can come and learn, and adults can work and expand their own future. I also want to create a conference where we share our skills and discuss how we all can create better future. A Future Conf. Are you curious and intrigued?

I would love to integrate modern Storytelling from the Marvel Movies like Captain America  and  The Matrix  into our visions for the future by doing some really creative launch events and premier campaigns.

Become part of an environment that normalizes what ever you want to succeed with

Become part of an environment that normalizes what ever you want to succeed with

Geek interests I have are things like:

Entrepreneurship, Boardgaming with Logistics and Strategy, Keynote speaking and holding workshops, Running on the cliffs, Dancing my legs of to awesome electronic music (Hardstyle, House, Synth, Agro Tech, Future Pop, Uplifting Trance), Movies and Sci-Fi, Blogging about the Future and Creativity. Fitness in many forms like Body Balance, MTB, Cardio Interval. Pecha Kucha, eSport and League of Legends, Social Media & Marketing, the Maker-movment, All things tech, Science – Math and Nature, Going to and hosting lots events and mingles….

So now I must return to redefine my pitch. I’ll keep you posted.

It includes helping others becoming Magnificent Future-heroes!

I’m your Captain Future


We do it together! 

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  5. James Shoemark
    September 10, 2015

    Awesome blog Kord Sillion

    It’s awesome to find someone who s my beliefs and You’ve brought many new references that validate what I’m trying to do.

    I see myself as Morpheus searching for and empowering Neo’s to fulfill their purpose in making the world a better place.

    Many thanks



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